# Sunbeam City meeting 2020.06.28 ## Agenda Feel free to add stuff :) ## Intros/Present Name, pronoun RadioAngel, She/Her, They-Them KawaiiPunk, they-them Squeaky Pancakes, they/them Wakest - They/them ## Check in ## Minutes RA - Reading into history of moderation. https://www.theverge.com/interface/2020/6/9/21283442/content-moderation-racism-facebook-reddit-nextdoor-karen Gap behind content polict and values and volunteer mods that were not trained. Caused a ton of issues. Lots of interesting suggestions in the article. https://www.facebook.com/community/whats-new/navigating-community-through-race-social-issues/ KP - One problem was that volunteers were pushed into moderation roles without any policies or procedures. Volunteerism is not always good. KP - Critiques are important but... SP - Our community needs to be the ones making the decisions. KP - Sunbeam was in danger of being a monolithic instance as it became so big. SP - Was in favour of closing regs on SBC from start. RA - If we want to grow, we need more mods. KP - People moving to other instances is not bad. SP - Free accosiation is important. KP - We still have closed regs but a new community still pop. KP - Is there enough desire for democtratic/consenses decision making? RA - Do we want to create some polls? Decision making process: https://github.com/hometown-fork/hometown SP - Its not super hard to move to it. SP - Infra was getting a bit out of control. Mostly SP maintaining it. SP - Move to Hometown and wiki and Riot room. Shutdown Loomio and anything else left of the server. KP - and Discourse? KP and RA agree. SP - Thinks we do need a platform for long form. Masto is really bad for that. SP - People can reply to announcements. KP - Discourse spits out RSS feeds which we could pull into Masto. KP - Principles of transparency and reversability are super important when engagement with deicison making process is low. e.g. https://forum.cooperationbirmingham.org.uk/t/deliveries-every-other-day/419 SP and RA seem to like it. KP - will make rough proposal about decision making process on forum in new decisions catergory. KP - Who is in the co-op? What is the constitunecy of who can make decisions. RA - we might have to come back to this. It was chaos! KP - Old model was basically pay to be a member. Not great. I always thought the boundary should be who has account on SBC. Now Regs are closed, it could be even better. SP - Announcements are useful. Can help with problems relating to folks not knowing deicisons need to be made. KP - We shouldn't make decisions for the sake of it. RA - We could have a monthly community call. It could be fun, a game day. KP - Get the admin talk out the way and play games. It would need to be regular e.g. last Sunday of the month. KP - Single sign in to Discourse and Masto is really hard to do in retrospect. RA - Could we embed stuff into Masto announcements? SP - Don't think so. Could use emoji system. KP - would that meet transparency and reversibility principles. RA - Could still put link to poll in Announcements. SP - There needs to be a way to know what needs to be voted upon and what doesn't. (minor vs major things). ### Autonomic decision making idea (just for inspo) https://codimd.autonomic.zone/Drb8Udt-QAmxstTpRuf0QA/publish KP - key point is where the votes take place. SP - This depends heavily on who gets to vote All - This is for next meeting. RA - We need new policy. Getting rid of the old stuff that doesn't work. SP - there is coop people for help. KP - e.g. social.coop SP - Maybe next meeting in 2 weeks then we get something togther move to monthly. ## Next Meeting Sunday 12th July - 17:00 UTC Read only link to minutes - https://codimd.autonomic.zone/wUHQL_mLTZ2iOXEpOaT0Uw/publish https://meet.4096bit.de/sunbeamcity ## What are our boundries We need more server admin participiation just as we need mod capacity. SP - We need at least one more person with server access to have my back. W: People from Vaaria (post.lurk) folks would be up for helping with that. KP: Should we audit who has access atm? Only SP has SSH access. We need to reduce bus factor. KP is happy to have server access. W - There are lots of people who could help. SP - Let's leave it how it is for the moment till we make a decision. ## Hometown More research needed into implications of moving to Hometown. W to do reach out to dev and ask if any downsides. ## Solarpunk ### Bitsy Game Engine https://ledoux.itch.io/bitsy https://itch.io/games/made-with-bitsy https://github.com/le-doux/bitsy Hyperstition All fictions are the seed of reality https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=deZgzw0YHQI All of this tempoary ## KP - Maybe a format for next meeting. Half decision making and and mundane admin and half expansive Solarpunk study group.